26 December 2016 @ 09:21 pm

Yesterday, I had really awesome dream. 

I found some weird gelatinous stuff in this old church tower and somehow that weird gelatinous stuff woke up some big humanoid machine (like really big android with silver skin) that started to roam the streets of this big city that we were in. I followed the machine with some guy who was military or police or something. Surprisingly there wasn’t any panic in the streets and it was an interesting walk around the city.

We went back to the church and I told people to stop playing with the stuff and let it cool down again so that the machine would go back to sleep mode, but they didn’t listen. 

And then Merlin arrived, all annoyed, complaining about people touching his stuff which he made as possible protection against aliens, and took the stuff from the guys playing with it. It went from pink back to white and the machine went into hiding again. 

Merlin left and the dream turned into cliche hollywood ending with me kissing the military/police guy because we were safe and he was cute.

And then I woke up, sligtly pissed off that we didn’t get any further. :D