11 February 2013 @ 02:19 am
Midnight meetingsMorgana smirkKissing
1x04 Gwen kisses Merlin
Merlin in bed
1x02 Merlin's studying
1x04 Merlin's moaning Arthur's name
Magical bracelet
Enchanted jewelryExecutionsMagical books
1x02 Merlin's book of magic
Potion making
1x04 to cure Merlin's poisoning
Sword practice
1x02 "You're braver than you look. Most servants collapse after the first blow."
Arthur raises swordMerlin without scarf
1x02 "Berbay odothay arisan quicken."
1x02 a lot of cloaks
Herb gathering
1x04 "Sounds like fun," Arthur says.
1x02 "A half cannot truly hate that which makes it whole."
Pet namesGaius/Merlin hugViolin music
Merlin disobeys ArthurMerlin saves Arthur
1x02 when does he not?
1x02 Arthur being cute in his princely crown
LakesArthur in bed
09 February 2013 @ 12:43 am

Evil seductressMorgana smirkExecutions
1x01 Thomas James Collins
Herb gatheringShirtlessness
1x01 Merlin for the first and only time
LeonHorseback ridingM/A eye gazing
Old Religion referencePotion making
Violin musicOrders are DisobeyedFREEShip: Arthur/KnightMagical books
1x01 Merlin's book of magic
Dark magic
1x01 there's a lot
Mace (weapon)
1x01 "I've been trained to kill since birth"
Merlin in bed
1x01 several times
1x01 the old shipper
1x01 just for a sec, but it was there!
Camelot LibraryMagical creatureMidnight meetingsPet namesShip: Arthur/Merlin
all the time! It's like another FREE square! :D