26 December 2016 @ 09:21 pm

Yesterday, I had really awesome dream. 

I found some weird gelatinous stuff in this old church tower and somehow that weird gelatinous stuff woke up some big humanoid machine (like really big android with silver skin) that started to roam the streets of this big city that we were in. I followed the machine with some guy who was military or police or something. Surprisingly there wasn’t any panic in the streets and it was an interesting walk around the city.

We went back to the church and I told people to stop playing with the stuff and let it cool down again so that the machine would go back to sleep mode, but they didn’t listen. 

And then Merlin arrived, all annoyed, complaining about people touching his stuff which he made as possible protection against aliens, and took the stuff from the guys playing with it. It went from pink back to white and the machine went into hiding again. 

Merlin left and the dream turned into cliche hollywood ending with me kissing the military/police guy because we were safe and he was cute.

And then I woke up, sligtly pissed off that we didn’t get any further. :D

22 June 2015 @ 11:51 am
In past few days, I've been having really intense dreams. Probably because I always woke up in the early morning and then fell asleep again which probably meant lighter sleep and more dream stages. Also, it was easier to somehow control the dream.

I don't remember anything from past days, but I do remember some stuff from today.

I was on a run with some other girl. We were hiding in some kind of hostel. For some reason, we ripped wallpaper from the hall walls. But then I didn't have time to throw it away and stashed it behind the bed in our room. (For some reason it was really important in the dream even though it seems really silly written down.)

The people who were searching for us came to the hostel and searched all the rooms. We stayed put. It seemed like they wouldn't know our faces when they found us. When they reached our room, they dragged the other girl away for interrogation. I was supposed to play a role of a scared girl who knows nothing, but I actually was scared, so it was really easy. They found the wallpaper behind the bed. I was yelled at and they wanted me to go somewhere with them, but I nearly fainted, my knees buckling under me. A few moments later I realized I was bleeding, but I had no idea from where. And then I started waking up.

The weirdest was that even thought my dream me was actually really scared, I didn't want it to end. I guess it must have been because my brain was awake enough to know that it's just a dream and I do like daydreaming. And I love hurt/comfort. I guess I was hoping for some dashing hero to nurse me back to health. :D
08 March 2014 @ 02:09 pm
It was nothing special. Just wanted to write it down because it was nice and cute. Also a bit weird, but that's normal when it comes to dreams.

I was Stiles in the dream and I remember I was solving some mystery. And then I realized I was pregnant. With Derek's child (no surprise there). But I was scared to tell him, because I thought he'd think me a freak. So, I was running around doing a lot of stuff to solve something which I don't remember, and then something happened and I was trapped in some room and couldn't get out of there. But then Derek came to my rescue and things turned totally fluffy from there. It was the stage of sleep when I was almost awake, but forced myself to drift a little longer to enjoy the dream cuddling.

And that's it. :D
I have to write it down before it completely disappears. I dreamt about being on some sort of a really huge spaceship or maybe space station. I think we got there by another ship and were only exploring, trying to find out what happened there and where were all the people who were supposed to be there. Behind one door we found a woman. She was really beautiful and talked to us about how others abandoned her and how glad she is we came. But she looked suspicious, so we were keeping our distance. But then she turned into transparent heap of goo and the goo started moving like water to us. When it touched us, it did something, but we didn't know what because there seemed to be nothing wrong at first.

We ran away and shut the door behind us, but it was too late. Hallucinations started affecting the crew. After half of them disappeared, we went back to the entity in the closed room. She explained to us that she needed our DNA to mix it with hers. That's how she would create her own children once she had enough collected. When she had our DNA, she didn't need us anymore, so some sort of toxin led its victims into madness.

And then I woke up. :D
12 February 2013 @ 01:41 pm
I had the best dream tonight.

My dream self decided to go to Pierrefonds again. And once again it was during filming. I did a lot of running around the castle and took a lot of photos and then I sneaked inside where the crew was. I watched Colin and Bradley as they did a scene together and I wanted to take a picture, but a crew member stopped me.

"Can I stay?" I squeaked and he let me be and I watched some more. Of course the two were completely adorable together.

Yep, I totally love my dreams! :D
15 January 2012 @ 01:58 pm

I've been having really strange, but nice, dreams lately.


Yesterday, I was flying around Prague with Geralt (the Witcher). I really enjoyed it.


Today, I was solving a case with Patrick Jane (Mentalist). We were at a birthday party and he let the murderer think that what he was looking for was hidden in one of the presents to lure him out. It worked and the man opened one of the boxes, but found only wedding rings. And then the boyfriend of the woman whose birthday it was came to him and yelled at him for spoiling the surprise.


The police took the murderer away then and Patrick and I were standing aside with the rings. I remember looking at them and the dialogue we had over them.


"I wouldn't like them," I said.


"Not the marrying type?" he replied.


"I didn't mean it like that. I'd like them thinner and silver," I said. (The rings were faded gold and big. They seemed very uncomfortable to wear and old-fashioned.)


Then Patrick left and I stayed there a bit longer and then went down the road where a man in a car stopped right next to me. He was speaking in Chinese, but I understood he was looking for Patrick so I just pulled my phone out and found his number which I had saved with his (absolutely gorgeous) photo.


And then I woke up.


I want dreams like this every day! :D

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