05 January 2013 @ 11:09 pm
Finished watching the second season of Teen Wolf, so a bit of squeeing is in order.

Derek!!! One minute he's absolutely hot bamf alpha, speeding up my pulse and making me hot all over, and then he's this cute (still hot) puppy, confused or hurt or both and awwwwwwwww, I'm going to diiiiiiiiiie...

Stiles!!! I love his brand of craziness. He's a geek and screams like a girl and he's so hopeless with his Lydia crush. And his rambles are perfect!

Sterek!!! It's there! The stares and invading of personal space. The pool scene!!! And omg, how I hope they make it official.

Allison is a bitch, but I love Chris! I love that he always goes by the code and he's the only not crazy part of the whole Argent family.

Jackson is cute with all his outbursts and lost looks. I wanted to cuddle him so many times it's not healthy. :D And I was really happy for how the season ended for him. :)

Peter was a big surprise. He's a real nutjob, but he's interesting. And funny from time to time. :)

Dylan and Tyler are the biggest Sterek shippers ever!!! My heart is melting when I see them together. No, scratch that, MY EVERYTHING IS MELTING!!!

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Also, I'm thinking about writing a Merlin/Teen Wolf fusion... Merthur as Sterek...