I went to see Avengers again, this time in IMAX, and damn, I sooooo love that movie. There's just so many things to flail about.

1) ridiculously hot guys
2) sooo slashable (Thor/Loki is a total canon and don't tell me it isn't)
3) Nick Fury!!!
4) finally well done characterization of Bruce Banner

Also when I told [livejournal.com profile] welkin_winged about my theory that Odin's plan all along was to marry Loki and Thor to make peace with frost giants, she asked if part of the wedding rituals would be a fight to decide who would come on top. xD And now I'd love to read a fic about that. xD

And then today my brother and I talked about Game of Thrones and I mentioned I'd love to see more of Gendry 'cause he's soooo fit. And then my brother came up with a possible story:
Gendry would make his own Ironman style armour (you know, the blacksmithing scene from the first Ironman with deliciously sweaty Tony...) and then he'd go to the capital, all awesome and indestructable, and be like "I'm the rightful heir. The Iron Throne is mine."
And OMG, it would be awesome!

Soooo, anyone wants to write one of those? xD