01 October 2013 @ 01:06 am
Just a few short notes.

Destroying the marketplace. I think I've seen that one in the first episode of a tv show.
Seriously, they're totally cuddling in their first scene together!
And then he decides to give his life to save the other's.
Was it a chainlink from Kilgarah's chain hanging there? :D
And cuddling again, this time in the romantic setting of the caves.

And yep, there are 5 Jason/Pythagoras fics on ao3 already. :D
31 July 2013 @ 12:45 am
Yes, omg, yes!!!

I knew it. I knew she'd be evil!

I want to cuddle Derek so much. His life is full of pain and misery. The writers obviously started with hurt, but they're kind of forgetting about the comfort part.

Now that we know that Jennifer is a total bitch, I think it's time for Stiles to deliver the comfort to our poor abused alpha. I am so looking forward to all that fanfiction.

I'm hoping they won't kill the Sheriff because I don't want Stiles to lose him too.
25 November 2012 @ 11:48 pm

yep, this ep pretty much sucked...

but the scene of welcoming the bad guy was the one we saw them film during our Pierrefonds stay. Fond memories... :)

And I enjoyed the whumpy scenes. (Me, sitting in front of my laptop, saying something like, "oh, Merlin, you poor little thing," every time hurt!Merlin was on + making comforting noises + crazy need to hug Merlin right the fuck now and take care of him until he'd feel better!) xD

Also, Gwen's a bitch and I hate every bloody sign of "the happy couple" sharing bed. Ugh...
22 November 2012 @ 04:46 pm

Gwen's a bitch. I can finally hate her without feeling bad. xD

Loved the old!Merlin scenes. Laughed like crazy.

But the best part, MERLIN CRYING OVER HIS DYING BOYFRIEND!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
And the talk that followed with Arthur SO SURE MERLIN WOULD NEVER HURT HIM!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Also, please, LET MORDRED BE A GOOD GUY. PRETTY, PRETTY PLEASE!!! I have a thing for a knight!Mordred. Just haven't decided on a pairing for him yet. xD
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17 November 2012 @ 01:58 pm

I was scared to watch all this time and it turns out I was mostly right to be!

I hate what writers did this time! I HATE IT! HOW COULD THEY LET MERLIN SAY IT! HOW COULD THEY!!!

Yes, I get that he's becoming ruthless, but Arthur was asking him for his opinion, he was completely open and trusting, and MERLIN LIED TO HIS FACE AGAIN?


Also, I'm starting to sort of hate Kilgarrah because he tends to make things worse. Damn...

On happier note, jealous!Merlin! He's sooooo obvious. :D

I need my boys to be crazy about each other and exclusively each other, so no Merlin/Arthur/Mordred for me. Only if Merlin/Arthur was established relationship with Mordred 'visiting' in their bed. :D
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Okay, I have to say it was not what I expected after watching the trailer.

I was ready for Arthur's heartbreaking meeting with his father and lots of angst and yes, it was there, but I thought it would be just some nondescript poltergeist terorizing Camelot, not Uther himself. Well, it worked better this way. :)

I liked all the Merlin/Arthur interactions, even with the usual "hitting Merlin to show affection" stuff.

And that final scene with Arthur pulling on his glove. I don't know how about you, but I have a very dirty mind, so I found it really suggestive. :D

In fact, I think writers just made dom!Arthur canon. :D

Back to the plot. I totally loved the talk between Merlin and Uther. "In your face, Uther! In your face," I was shouting at the screen of my laptop.

And yes, so close to the magic reveal. But I'm glad it didn't happen this way. I'm just wondering what must be going through Arthur's mind now. It would be great if they revisited it in future.

All in all, I'm even more convinced now that Arthur is getting ready for accepting magic.

Also, I like that they completely avoid the topic of where Gwen sleeps. I can still live in my bubble of denial where she's just the queen and not really Arthur's wife. :)
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